Edwardian Stonefield Road 1915

1915 Stonefield Road

1915 Stonefield Road

This photo dates from around 1915 and is part of a series of Postcards taken around that time. Pictured one Edwardian day is a street scene at the bottom of Stonefield Road, where it meets with Glasgow Road. I believe it to be morning as the shadows are laying to the East, indicating the sun was in the Western sky.

St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church (and School) is pictured facing us on the Glasgow Road. A pair of horses pulls a huge load of baskets balancing on a cart. At David Gibson and Sons Stonefield Store, the butter is a shilling a pound with cheese at the same price. John S McCallum is a rival licensed grocer while between their shops the Blantyre Co-op competes. The buildings on the right are now demolished and some of those on the left also now away.

An early motorcar sits outside Robert Craigs (Old Original Pub) perhaps even Robert himself. Other than that, Mrs Gormley’s fruit and flowers shop on that side is the only surviving building. Modern homes are now on the right and the scene is largely unrecognisable today. The full postcard is also shown below.

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