Easing and removing Arthritis

arthritisMy grandmother swore her lack of arthritis (even in her 80s), was due to a recipe she followed for several decades. She was never bothered by Arthritis or Rheumatism. She left this “cure” typed up for mum, which has now passed to me. Strangely, I do get a touch of arthritis after working in the garden, but I always thought it was more an “age thing”.

Seeing that it looks natural involving lemons, and nothing to do with pills or potions, I thought I may give it a try.

However, I got so far with my intention before reading “Keep this up for a period of 27 weeks“. I’m not sure I’m built for endurance of drinking a lemon based product for half a year!

Gran , Mary Duncan lived into her 90’s so perhaps she was on to something.

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  1. Salmon and olive oil are also effective at reducing pain and swelling from arthritis.

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