A poem by James Smith

An excellent poem sent to me by Blantyre man James Smith.

milheughfallsAs a kid a summer , in high blantyre a was free ,
A walk up the sydes brae tae climb the highest tree ,

Somedays we wid stick on oor ol gear
Kiddin on we wer oot huntin deer
Through the trees up the Calder we ran
Wae awe ma buddies hatching plans

Diving in the falls without any fear around
Sittin under them as the water pounds down
Mothers fathers daughters and sons
All packed with pic nicks joined in the fun

When goin tae davie livies was a school trip
Wearin yer tank tops thinking yer hip
Ye fling in yer pennies tae the fountain n wish
If only this pond was full a fish

Ma younger days in blantyre a miss
Awe a kin dae is reminiss
But nowhere else woul a rather grow up
For a community united we wid win the cup

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