Naismiths 1879 Directory

naismithsLong before telephone directories, or indeed telephones existed, contact directories were paper based and listed simply the vendor and what service they provided. Naismiths Directory was an annual publication in Lanarkshire that grouped together and listed vendors from several towns. I’m lucky enough to own an 1879 edition of Naismiths Directory that covers the entire Blantyre area. It’s clear great attention was given to include all vendors, whether large or small. The Blantyre Sections is particularly detailed and for the purposes of archiving, and given the huge expansion that happened in Blantyre in that decade, i’m listing every single business here:



Adam, C. & W., joiners, High Blantyre 

Adams, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, Stonefield 

Adamson, Lawrence W. , Rosebank cottage, Blantyre 

Agnew, Mrs, fruiterer, Larkfield, High Blantyre 

Aitkenhead, John, grocer, Hunthill 

Aitkenhead, J, & R., builders, Hunthill, High Blantyre 

Alexander, James, shoemaker. High Blantyre 

Anderson, Alexander, Wheatlandhead t. rm, High Blantyre 

Anderson, J., haircutter. Hart's buildings, Stonefield 

Anderson, John, grocer, Stonefield 

Anderson, William, cement works, Calderside, High Blantyre 

Bannatyne, Colonel, Millheugh, High Blantyre 

Bannatyne, Mrs, Millheugh, High Blantyre 

Barr, James, baker, High Blantyre 

Barr, James, draper, High Blantyre 

Barron, Thomas, grocer, M 'Alpine's buildings, Stonefield 

Begg & Son, H., blacksmiths. High Blantyre 

Beveridffe, Robert, grocer, Stanley place, Stonefield 

Black, Henry, greengrocer, Springwell, Blantyre 

Blackley, William, baker and spirit merchant, Causeystane, High 

Blackwood, James, Greencroft, High Blantyre 
Blantyre Bowling Club — Green, Stonefield road 
Brown, Brothers, Messrs, painters and decorators, M 'Alpine's 
buildings, Stonefield 
Brown, Mrs Dr, Elderbush cottage, High Blantyre 
Brown, James, saddler, Auchinraith, High Blantyre 
Brown, T, J., Springfield cottage, Stonefield, Low Blantyre 
Brown & Son, Archibald, ironmongers, Stonefield 
Bruce, James, spirit merchant, Larkfield, High Blantyre 
Bryson, John, Low Blantyre Store 
Buchanan, John, grocer and spirit merchant, Woodbum place, 

Buchanan, John, grocer, Stonefield road 

Burnett, Andrew, contractor, Craigmuir colliery, High Blantyre 
Etirns, Mrs, dairy, Larkfield, High Blantyre 

Cameron, Duncan, flesher, Woodburn place, and spirit merchant, 

Glasgow road, Stonefield 
Campbell, Matthew, nurseryman, Auchinraith, High Blantyre 
Chambers, William, joiner and builder, Springwell. House — 
The Flat, Motherwell 
Clark, Charles, carter, Avon buildings, Stonefield 
Clark, Mrs, grocer, Larkfield, High Blantyre 
Clark, R. A., confectioner. Commercial place, Stonefield road 
Clark, Walter, of Crossbasket, High Blantyre 
Clelland, George, Greenblairs farm. High Blantyre 
Clelland, T. & E., grocers, Auchinraith, High Blantyre. 
Coats, John, Blantyre farm. High Blantyre 
Coats, John, spirit merchant, Stonefield 
Cochrane, J. R., Calder Glen 

Cochrane, J. & K, Birdsfield brick works. High Blantyre 
Cook, William, Janefield Cottage, High Blantyre 
Cook, William, wine and spirit merchant, Stonefield 
Craig, Albert, grocer, Springwell place 
Craig, Allan, wine and spirit merchant. High Blantyre 
Craig, Archibald, Birdsfield farm. High Blantyre 
Craig, James, grocer, Stonefield road 

Craig, James, haircutter, M 'Alpine's buildings, Stonefield 
Craig, John, Bellsfield farm. High Blantyre 
Currie, Alexander, stationer, Gardiner's place. High Blantyre 

Dalgleish & Kerr, weaving factory. Low Blantyre 

Davidson, Robert, Auchinraith saw mills, Blantyre 

Deans, Gavin, baker, Stonefield 

Dickson, John, lime merchant, Newfield, High Blantyre 

Dickson, Robert, Broomhouse farm. High Blantyre 

Dixon (Limited), W. S., Blantyre collieries ; manager — James 

Watson, Side cottage ; cashier — Neil Douglas, Side cottage 
Dobbie, John, tailor, M 'Alpine's buildings, Stonefield 
Douglas, Neil, cashier. Side cottage. High Blantyre 
Downie, Dr, Park villa. Apothecary Hall, Stonefield 
Downie, William, grocer and spirit merchant, Kirkton, High 

Duncan, James, baker, Woodburn place, Stonefield 
Dunlop, W. T., grocer, Kirkton, High Blantyre 
Dunlop & Co., Colin, Craigmuir colliery. High Blantyre 
Dunlop & Co., James, Park colliery. High Blantyre 

Fegan, Hugh, pawnbroker. Crimson's buildings, Stonefield 
Ferguson, Brown, Haughhead farm. High Blantyre 
Fern, Mrs, grocer, Larkfield, High Blantyre 
Fisher, David, manager, gas-works, Stonefield road 
Fleming, John, draper and grocer, Auchinraith, High Blantyre 
Ford, George, spirit merchant, Springwell buildings, Stonefield 
Forrest, Alex., spirit merchant, Hart's buildings, Stonefield 
Forrest, C. & A., contractors, Larkfield, High Blantyre 
Fowlei-, Peter, draper, Gardiner's place, High Blantyre 
Frame, Thomas, Blantyre Park Farm 
Frame, William, carter, Grimson's buildings, Stonefield 
Frawley, Pev. Thomas, Roman Catholic Chapel 
Fullarton, Robert, Cemetery keeiaer, High Blantyre 

Galbraith, Isabella, fruiterer and confectioner, High Blantyre 
Gardner, Andrew, spirit merchant, Auchinraith, High Blantyre 
Gardiner, John, Newmains Cottage, High Blantyre 
Gardiner, Robert, ironmonger. High Blantyre 
Geddes, Thomas, junr., grocer, M'Alpine's buildings, Stonefield 
Getty, Walter, saddler, Stanley place, Stonefield 
Gilmour, Andrew, grocer and spirit merchant, Stonefield 
Gow, Mrs, Holmston 

Graham, Andrew, dairy, Stanley place, Stonefield 
Grant, Dr., Apothecary hall, Gardiner's place, house — Spring- 
field Cottage, High Blantyre 
Grant, Dr, surgery, Grimson's buildings, Stonefield 
Gray, John, greengrocer, Springwell buildings, Blantyre 
Gray, Robert, merchant, Stonefield 

Hamilton, Daniel, grocer, Springwell place, Blantyre 

Hamilton, James, Blantyre works Farm 

Hamilton, James, Newhouse farm, High Blantyre 

Harris, George, registrar and postmaster. High Blantyre 

Hart, Thomas, tobacconist, Hart's buildings, Stonefield 

Hart, William, ironmonger, plumber and gasfitter, Hart's 
buildings, Stonefield * 

Harvey, William, spirit merchant, Springwell btiildings, Stone- 
Hastie, David, contractor, Stonefield Farm 
Hastie, John, ironmonger, Gardiner's place, High Blantyre 
Hay, John George, Post Office, Low Blantyre 
Hay, John, farmer, Auchintibber, High Blantyre 
Hazeals, James, plumber and gasfitter. High Blantyre 
Henderson, Robert, clothier, Stonefield 
Hendrie, John, grocer and shoemaker, Hendrie place, High 
Hepburn, William, shoemaker. Commercial place, Stonefield rd. 
Hill, James, tailor and clothier. Turner's buildings, Stonefield 
Hogg, J. & G., Stonefield Medical Hall, Avon buildings, Stone- 
Houston & Co., C. N., drapers, Stonefield 
Howie, John, dairy, Grimson's buildings, Stonefield 
Hunter, Smart, spii-it merchant, Auchintibber 

Jackson, Alexander, Barnhill farm, High Blantyre 
Jackson, Mrs, Old place. High Blantyre 
Jackson, Mrs, Rosebank Cottage, Low Blantyre 
Jackson, James, of Bardykes, Low Blantyre 

Jackson, John, Blantyre farm, High Blantyre 

Jackson, John, Stonefield store 

Jackson, Thomas, Blantyre Park farm. High Blantyre 

Jackson, William, of Blantyre i^ark, High Blantyre 

Jamieson, Andrew, engineer, Stonefield 

Jenkins, Samuel, tailor, Auchinraith, High Blantyre 

Jures, Matthew, greengrocer, M 'Alpine's buildings, Stonefield 

Kerr, Robert, Woodhouse 

Kirkpatrick, Andrew, stationmaster, Caledonian Railway Station 

Laing, Alexander, fruiterer, Stonefield road 

Laird, Alexander, colliery manager, Side cottage, H. Blantyre 

Laird, Charles, grocer, Auchintibber, High Blantyre 

Lang, John S., house factor, and insurance agent, Springwell 
biiildings, Stonefield 
Lee, Alexander, grocer, Hunthill, High Blantyre 
Lees & Co., boot and shoemakers, Broompark place, and 

Gilmour's place, Stonefield. Factory— Maybole 
Little, John, fruiterer, Stonefield road 
Loudon & Co., J., grocers and provision merchants, Larkfield, 
High Blantyre 

Marshall, William, grocer. Commercial place, Stonefield road 
Maxwell, John, shoemaker, Auchinraith, High Blantyre 
Merry & Cuninghame, Auchinraith Collieries. William Wilson, 

manager ; John Stewart, cashier 
Michie, A. G-., stationmaster, C.R. Station, High Blantyre 
Miller, Alexander, Blantyre saw mills, Stonefield 
Minigle, Thomas, grocer, Causeystane, High Blantyre 
Minto, R. S., watchmaker and jeweller, Stonefield road 
Mitchell, Isabella, news-agent, Stonefield road 
Mitchell & Forrest, joiners, Stonefield 
Monaghan, James R., saleroom, Larkfield, High Blantyre 
Monteith & Co., Henry, dye works.— John Strathearn, manager. 
John Laing, cashier 
Moore, J. W., of Greenhall, High Blantyre 
Morris, Mrs M., dairy, M 'Alpine's buildings, Stonefield 
Muir, Hugh, flesher. Commercial place, Stonefield road 
Muir, James, Broompark farm, High Blantyre 
Muir, Robert, draper and clother, High Blantyre 
Muirhead & M'Lean, Misses, dressmakers, Springwell buildings, 
Murdoch, Mrs Robert, Haughhead farm, High Blantyre 
M 'Alpine, Robert, Stonefield brick works 
M 'Arthur, J., railway inspector, School lane. High Blantyre 
M'Caffrie, John, wine and spirit merchant, Springwell place 
M'Call, Alexander, ironmonger, Turner's buildings, Stonefield 
M'Callum, Hugh, Agent of Clydesdale Bank, Blantyre 

M 'Galium, Robert, grocer. High Blantyre 

M'Clusky, John, pawnbroker, Woodburn place, Stonefield 

M'Cormick, James, West Neuk, High Blantyre 

M 'Donald, Patrick, sale rooms, Hart's buildings, Stonefield 

M 'Donald, Rev. Robert, Free Church Manse, Low Blantyre 

M'Dougall, W. C, F.C. missionary, Burnbank 

M'Gregor, John, of Neilson, Shaw, and M'Gregor, Glasgow^ 

Hyde Park, High Blantyre 
M'Guire, Angus, grocer, Gardiner's Place, High Blantyre 
M'Harg, James, Orchardhead Cottage, High Blantyre 
M'Intyre, Miss, spirit merchant, Auchinraith, High Blantyre 
M'Kendrick, Allan, carter. Hart's buildings, Stonefield 
M'Kerrow, Hugh, grocer, Auchintibber, High Blantyre 
M'Kinnon, Charles, Boweshill 

M'Lelland, James, blacksmith, Auchinraith, High Blantyre 
M 'Murray, John, Barnhill Tavern, Barnhill, High Blantyre 
M'Nair, William, spirit merchant, Kirkton, High Blantyre 
M'Naughton, David, spirit merchant, Stanley place, Stonefield 
M'Neill, Nigel, F.C. missionary, Stonefield 
M'Tyre, Alexander, Craigknowe Farm 
M 'William, Alexander, Craigmuir farm, High Blantyre 
M 'William, Thomas, Greenhall farm, High Blantyre 

Naismith, James, of Coatshill, Low Blantyre 

Naismith, John, grocer, Auchinraith, High Blantyre 

Ness, John, The School-house, Low Blantyre 

Nimmo, John, grocer and draper, Nimmo's buildings, Stonefield 

Nisbet, William, sale room, Hart's buildings, Stonetield 

Oliver, R. W., drajier. Crimson's buildings, Blantyre 

Pairman, Alexander, grocer. Low Blantyre 

Pate, Alexander Stewart, grocer, Springfield, High Blantyre 

Paterson, James, Blantyre House 

Penman, W. & L., funeral undertakers and carriage hirers 

Causeystane, High Blantyre 
Pettigrew, William, Priory Villa, Low Blantyre 
Pollock, Robert, contractor. Glebe cottage, High Blantyre 
Prentice, W. A., watchmaker and jeweller, Auchinraith, High 

Rae, Robert, sale room, Nimmo's buildings, Stonefield 

Rae, William, grocer, Stonefield road 

Reid, James, Blantyre Lodge, Low Blantyre 

Reid, William, Calderside farm, High Blantyre 

Renfrew, Alexander, Coatshill Cottage, Stonefield, Low Blantyre 

Renfrew, Alexander, Shott farm, High Blantyre 

Riddock, Alexander, missionary, United Presbyterian Church, 
Glasgow road 
Roberts, William, spirit merchant, Glasgow road, Low Blantyre 
Robertson, David, Coatshill Farm 

Robertson, Peter, grocer, Springwell place, Blantyre 
Robertson, Robert, joiner and builder, Larkfield, HighlBlantyre 

Scott, Mrs, Basket farm, High Blantyre 

Scott, Mrs, Blantyre farm. High Blantyre 

Scott, John, of Boathouse 

Scott, Thomas, Priestfield Farm, High Blantyre 

Scott, William, grocer, Stonefield 

Scott, William, stationer, Grimson's buildings, Stonefield 

Shanks, James (of Arthur & Co., Glasgow), Greengairs Cottage 

Shaw, Robert, of Thornhill, Low Blantyre 

Sillar, William, Inspector of poor and sanitary Inspector, 
High Blantyre 
Smart, Alexander, Brownlee House, Low Blantyre 
Smellie, Mrs, spirit merchant, High Blantyre 
Smith, John, sale room, M 'Alpine's buildings, Stonefield 
Smith & Miller, drapers, Stonefield road 
Somerville, William, Blantyre oil works, Stonefield 
Sprott, Robert, boot and shoemaker, Springwell bdgs., Stonefield 
Sprowl, Mrs, Brownlee House, Low Blantyre 
Sprowl, John, boot and shoemaker. High Blantyre 
Steel, William, Woodburn Cottage, Low Blantyre 
Steven, Robert, market gardener. Low Blantyre 
Stewart, Robert, slater and plasterer, Auchinraith, H. Blantyre 
Strachan, John, shoemaker, High Blantyre 
Struthers, James, shoemaker, High Blantyre 
Struthers, J. B., spirit merchant, High Blantyre 
Struthers, Mrs, carter, Auchinraith, High Blantyre 
Struthers & M 'Hutchison, grocers and spirit merchants, Stonefield 

Taylor, David H. , spirit merchant, Auchentibber, H. Blantyre 
Taylor, J., boot and shoemaker, Stonefield road 
Templeton, John, blacksmith, Barnhill, High Blantyre 
Templeton, William P., blacksmith. High Blantyre 
Thomson, John, flesher, Gardiner's place, High Blantyre 
Todd, John, baker. Commercial buildings, Stonefield road 
Topping, R. M., Brownlee cottage, Glasgow road, Blantyre 
Topping & Co., R. M., ironfounders, Stonefield Foundry 

Walker, James, joiner, Glasgow road, Blantyre 

Warnock, David, joiner, Springfield, High Blantyre 

Warnock, Hugh, Laichlyock farm. High Blantyre 

Warnock & Walker, joiners. High Blantyre 

Watson, Arthur, grocer. Commercial place, Stonefield road 

Watson, James, colliery manager, Side cottage, H. Blantyre 

Watson, Jane, grocer, High Blantyre 

Weir, John, Blantyre park, High Blantyre 

Weir, Mrs, Braehead, High Blantyre 

Wheelan, James, baker, Larkfield, High Blantyre 

Williamson, Thomas, Priestfield Farm, High Blantyre 


Wilson, Hugh, grocer and grain merchant, Auchinraith, High 
Wilson, Robert, plasterer, Causevshot, High Blantj're 
Wright, Eev. Stewart, E.G., The Manse, High Blantyre 
Wylie, J. & A., fleshers, Stonefield 
Wyllie, Rev. William, pastor. Evangelical Union Church 

Young, Alexander, spirit merchant. Cross Keys, Larkfield, High 
Young, Mungo, Larkfield store. High Blantyre 
Young, James, Lodgehill farm. High Blantyre 


Established Chiircli, Rev. Stewart Wriglit 

Established Church Mission Hall, Stonefield Road, 

Free Church Rev. Robert Macdonald 

United Presbyterian Church, Glasgow road, . . Mr Riddock, missionary 

Evangelical Union Church Rev. William Wyllie 

Roman Catholic Church, Rev. Thomas Erawley 


High Blantyre Public School.— Head Master, David Dunlop ; Mistress, Miss 
Low Blantyre Public School— Head Master, John Ness. Mistress, Mrs 
Margaret Murdoch 


Fbee Masons.— Lodge Kilwinning, No. 577. Lodge-Room, J. B. S truth ers' 
Ekee Masons.— Lodge Kilwinning, No. 5S9. Lodge-Room, John Coats' Hall, 
Mechanics. — Lodge Vale of Clyde. Lodge-Room, Blackley's Hall 


No. 606— Blantyre's Hope. Instituted 1871. Meets in School-Room on 
Saturdays at 8 o clock. D.G.W.C.T., George Don, Newlands ; Vf.C.T., 
John Muir, Blantyre Works. 
No. 759.— Blantyre Priory. Instituted 1872. Meets in Masonic Hall, 
on Mondays, at 8.15. D.G.W.C.T., Jas. Smith, Auchintibber ; W.C.T.; 

James Patersou, Calderwood Castle Lodge 
No. 367.— Crusaders. Instituted 1877. Meets in Stonefield Hall, on 
• Thursdays, at 8.30. D.G.W.C.T., R. Kirkland, Auchinraith; W.C.T., 

David Fisher, Manager, Gas Works 
No. 135.— Juvenile Olive Branch Lodge. Meets in Struthers' HAll, 
on Mondays, at 7 o'clock. Superintendent, Jas. Smith, Auchintibber. 

BANK.— Clydesdale— Hugh M'Callum, agent.

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