Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time Vol 3

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Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time Volume 3 – The largest, most detailed amazing collection of local Blantyre history stories, news, old photos and tales, researched in incredible detail and aimed at everybody interested in Blantyre. This third book is larger, thicker and very exciting!

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Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time Volume 3 is a third sequel to the successful history series. Charting the history of former mining town of Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland, the book is 243 pages packed with a brand new collection of tales, old photos, anecdotes, memories and historical information relating to the town. The book devotes an entire chapter to each of High Blantyre, Greenhall, Crossbasket, Milheugh, Auchentibber, Craigneith, Calderwood, Barnhill, Bardykes, Stonefield, Auchinraith, The Village, Low Blantyre, Priory and Dechmont with an amazing array of stories from 1289 right up until the present day.

Beautifully illustrated with 163 high resolution, excellent quality images and over 96,000 words, it represents the largest known book written about Blantyre to date.A wonderful chapter near the end of the book recounts witty anecdotes from the many hundreds of local people who have contributed something to this book. The final section also includes a great quiz, ideal for pubs and clubs. This Blantyre Book is the most exciting in the established series and it is evidently clear the effort and time gone into such a worthwhile production. The stories are told in an informative, yet fun and interesting manner, that keeps the reader hooked on whats coming next.

It is the ideal GIFT for any person who comes from, or has an interest in Blantyre, whether at home or abroad.

Further Book Information

Number of Pages 243 Nr
Images 163 Nr
Words 97,000 Nr
Author Paul D Veverka
Delivery FREE
Cover Glossy
Published on 26 November 2015

Our Other Blantyre Books – Currently in 2020 Development

Further Books are currently in Development with ELEVEN open book drafts well progressed and worked on daily! I’m confident of publishing 4 of these books this year. Guaranteed to publish in 2020 and 2021:

1. “Blantyre People – Vol 1”– the book people have been waiting for. A book just about Blantyre People. Explore the Ultimate hall of fame with the lives of thousands of people featured in both narrative and pictures. A massive 600 page book of over a third of a million words, compiled from not just my research, but the information and social history YOU all lived and gave me. Honouring our past, this book charts 8 Centuries of Blantyre people who have done something noteworthy. A real labour of love. Out in February 2020.
. “Blantyre Explained” – the definitive volumes of encyclopaedias about Blantyre each containing over a MILLION words and everything I’ve ever written about Blantyre in A-Z format. Each book 6 times the size of the next nearest largest Blantyre book in terms of words. Epic, 840 page reference books which will be my lasting legacy to Blantyre and most likely be continually revised and updated throughout my life.
3. “Blantyre Glasgow Road North – The Real Story” – over 600 pages with as many illustrations telling the definitive story of all of the buildings, history, people tales, ownership, shops and homes on the North side of Glasgow Road from Springwell to Priory Bridge. A sequel to the book of the south side of the road, published in 2018. Look for this amazing book in 2020.
4. “Blantyre: Through the Flames” – a small publication charting the story of Blantyre’s shockingly devastating Fires through every century, which left so many people homeless, injured or cost them lives.
5. “Blantyre Main Street” – a massive illustrated book telling the history of construction, ownership of every building on Main Street from Shott to Auchinraith Roundabout. This is my home patch and just wait until you see the history detail!
6. “The Squirrel’s Tale” – a self autobiography of life growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s in Blantyre. My own story, warts ‘n all.
7. “Blantyre Banter” – a huge collection of witty stories, anecdotes and light hearted reading, all about Blantyre. A fun departure from normal writing!
8. “Blantyre Project – A Journey In Time Vol 5” – the fifth large book in the popular, successful history series. A collection of stories, lovingly researched and illustrated with new previously unseen photos. Out in 2020.
9. “Hollow Earth Hard Lives – Blantyre’s Mining Heritage” – an epic, huge book taking an in depth, definitive look at Blantyre’s rich mining heritage. This book, guaranteeing to be the largest ever written about Blantyre is the one many Blantyre families are waiting for. Five years in the making, it promises to finally tell our coal mining history and local stories in the detail and accuracy it deserves.
10. “The Marianski Chronicles” – a small publication which explores the Victorian life of a popular Blantyre character, including his trials of being an immigrant, his pursuit for wealth and the headlines he made. Out in 2020.
11. “Stothers Directory” – this massive Edwardian book fell out of publication in WW1. Blantyre Project has transcribed the entire Directory and illustrated it with many pictures and business adverts of the day. This book goes beyond Blantyre and will appeal to people all over Scotland. Out in 2021.