Blantyre People

The largest book EVER produced about Blantyre and then some! A massive, exclusively researched illustrated book, honouring the lives of 1,500 noteworthy people hailing from Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Taking 9 years to write, this fantastic ‘who’s who’ in A-Z format charts lives of individuals and families through an incredible 8 Centuries of Blantyre History. These are the people who shaped and made Blantyre as it is today. For people REALLY into their local history!

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From historical, famous figures like explorer Dr David Livingstone, to lesser well known characters, each remarkable in their own regard and of course not forgetting some contemporary figures shaping modern Blantyre today. This astonishing, heavily illustrated book by Blantyre’s History Archive, “Blantyre Project” has deeply researched the people of Blantyre for the first time adding in your social history using unique comments from Blantyre people on social media and gathered over the years, bringing to life stories with a personal touch. This is not a regurgitation of wikipedia or findable content. It’s the story of Blantyre People, as it happened, with your memories and comments against the narrative. A celebration of all walks of life, of thousands of lives past and present in the former mining town of Blantyre.


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Author Paul D Veverka
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Published on 14 June 2020