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Demise of Craighead Park, Low Blantyre


Craighead Park, turn of Millennium

This is Craighead Park, pictured in the 1990s, or at least what was left of it. The council have now taken over this former football ground and built a council owned yard on it, accessed at the very bottom of Forrest Street and run their facilities, waste and ground services department from it.

People in Blantyre will gave fond memories of the former Blantyre Celtic ground or the many football matches which played there over the whole of the 20th Century. Photo courtesy of G Kelly.

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Jack Owens Sad to see.
Stephen Allan Is that where Cadzow Haulage is now? That was also the second home of the Speedway in Blantyre I have heard.
The Blantyre Project yes, thats right.
Stephen Allan The first home of the Speedway in Blantyre I think was where the Lidl, Farmfoods and B+M is now.
Derek Watson Not the highest point in Glasgow Tigers history!!
Yes their first track was where the slip road/expressway/back end of Lidl/B&M is, just a stones throw from Craighead Pk