Stewarts of Park House

Jim Cochrane shared this First World War photo adding, “This is Alex & Jim Rochead’s Grand parents Alexander and Wilimina Stewart who lived in Park House. Their mother is the baby girl Minnie Annabel Jane Stewart who was born in June 1918.”

Her older brother Donald is behind. This picture dates from possibly November 1918 towards the end of First World War in India where their Grand father was stationed on duty.

Showing Alex this photo, he added, “Yes the wee girl was my mother, She and my uncle Donald in the picture were born in India. My grandfather had been posted to India after serving in South Africa and my grandmother Williamina Anderson sailed out from Scotland to marry him. Quite a journey on her own at that time.

The family later lived at Park House, just off Sydes Brae, High Blantyre.

1918 Stewarts of Park wm

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  1. Wilma and her parents lived next door to my sister Alice. Perfect neighbours and a lovely family. I remember Wilma from Calder Street school.
    Chatted with her parents a few times over the fence on some of my trips. 1982 when I was back for the Junior Cup final, which of course, the ‘VICS won! A bit more than a chat, more like a blether!

  2. I am in touch with Hughina now and again via e mail, I met up with Hughina a few years ago for lunch at the Avonbridge in Hamilton during one of my trips. A lovely lady.
    She has 2 sons who share my passion in football.

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