Tracing relatives from 1897 onwards (Lithuanian Ancestors)

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Hi! Quite a bit of detail to follow!

My G G G Grandfather came to the UK from Lithuania and got married in 1897 in Glengarnock. His name was Wincantas or Vincas Damionaitis and he married Petronele Kuncaitis, they had two kids there and then moved to 104 Bairds Rows and from 1901 - 1912 had 9 more kids. At the same address from at least 1906 onwards there was a Juozas Damionaitis living there with his wife too her name was Ona. Wincantas and Juozas couldn\'t have been brothers as they had different parents - both fathers shared the Damionaitis surname, so perhaps they were cousins.

Do you have any information on them? Anything would be great to know šŸ™‚

Were they Lithuanian or did they get granted UK citizenship - I still can\'t work out how that process happens and also for their kids as they were born at home, what nationality were they?

Long term I am actually trying to track down what happened to his first son Vincas Damionaitis and his wife Anastazija Juskevicus.

Just piecing bits of info from here and there. is where I got all birth, marriage and death records from.

Any information would be great



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