Charles (Chick) Cairney


Charles (Chick) Cairney was born in 1901.

117760943_1421963632At the young age of 27 years old, on Saturday 25th February 1928, sadly his funeral took place in High Blantyre Cemetery. Charles had a passion for boxing and it was this that led to his demise. The boxer collapsed during a bout with a Barrhead boxer at the St Mary Street Hall, Edinburgh, on Monday 20th February 1928.

He was a professional boxer who was active between 1923 and 1928. He boxed at bantamweight; featherweight and took part in 43 professional contests. He collapsed after fighting five rounds with J. McQuade of Glasgow, in Edinburgh but died in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. He was well-known Scottish boxer, and for several years had met with fair success in the ring. His best performance was earlier in 1928 , when he qualified for the final a £100 gold belt competition promoted by a Glasgow club. He should have fought this final the previous fortnight, but owing to illness the contest had to be postponed. Cairney was employed at Earnock Colliery, Hamilton. He left a widow and three children.

The funeral procession left from his home at 5 John Street, Blantyre, and was largely attended, there being over 200 mourners present.

Many well-known followers of boxing, as well as managers were present. I didn’t manage to find a picture of Chic, but I did find his gravestone.

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