Readers Update

Update as of 11.03.23 – I’m thankfully starting to feel much better with my hospital operation pain now only at my wound. However, I’m still black and blue, stitched and a little sore needing a little more time. I’m back at work again and slowly but surely looking at scheduling new articles here again. I know many people are missing Blantyre Project articles each day so I’ve a realistic commitment to resume posting daily again from Wednesday 22nd March. (Only 11 days away). Just to give you this update and to say thanks for hanging on in there and understanding. Paul


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  1. thank you. I’m getting there and still positive that once I have a last remaining surgery in April, that should be me done and hopefully “fixed!”

  2. Linda Mackie-Marieskind

    So sorry for your health struggles Paul, I have had mine and can tell you its taken some time to get back to some normality…gym, walking, pilates… necessary now to keep on top of things…your day will come too, stay well in your recovery, God bless

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