1980 Glasgow Road

Was 1980 REALLy 43 years ago?! Today’s photo is of Glasgow Road that year. Taken outside the Stonefield Tavern, the view is eastwards towards Hamilton. A scene strangely familiar yet to today, but with some very obvious differences. The road alignment on Glasgow Road and houses are common to today, but you’ll see Priory Street had a junction with Glasgow Road back then.

Further off in the distance, is the old market site where now Victoria Care Home is. The Stonefield School is demolished, but its all before Clydeview Shopping Centre and ASDA was built. Away in the background is the burned out shell of the steeple-less Stonefield Parish Church and some of the last tenements remain where now the Sports Centre is.

This was the changing face of Blantyre. Not far off half a Century ago!

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  1. I used to be a market trader at Blantyre market,and we went in to Hasties for our lunch.It definatly does’nt feel that long ago.

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