Watson Place, 1960s

6 Watson Place1Thank you to Jim Cochrane for sharing these photos of 6 Watson Place, Blantyre. (the steel houses)
Jim told me, “This is 6 Watson Place back Garden. Constructed in steel. My great GrandParents lived here From the 1930’s William and Catherine Cochrane. Then my Uncle Bill and Aunt Liz Cochrane untill the late 1990s.”
6 Watson Place
Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Liz Johnson I lived in 29 Watson Street they had relatives who lived behind them in Springfield cres

Jade Cullen I lived in Watson Place until recent ♡ lovely area

Thomas Paterson My friend wullie Thomas stays there now.been there for about 20 years

Jade Cullen Ye he stayed 3 doors up from me


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  1. My grandparents, John and Mary McAuslin lived at 3 Watson Place in 1940’s /1950’s with children Edward(Sonny) (my father), Catherine, Mary, James, John. As a small boy (1957/1958), I can always remember the curling stones that were on the steps of their front door.

  2. Watson place did any of the Thomson live there I kinda remember going there to visit

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