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Elm Street

Licensed bought Aerial Photo 1950 of Elm Street

   Following the Lanarkshire Slum clearance drive of the 1930’s, and the clearing of Merry’s Rows, in 1950 town planners announced a new Street was to be formed where once the miners homes had been.

   These were to be modern, spacious double storey homes with gardens, indoor toilets and more than one bedroom.

   Elm Street was the name chosen, complimenting nearby new Hawthorn Place leading off and nearby Beech Place just off Auchinraith Road. These names were likely chosen just to reflect nature, greenery and outdoors, a world away from mines, coal and coalmasters and even had a long narrow play park nearby.

   Elm Street still exists today, broad and wide connecting Auchinraith Road to Glasgow Road but due to social housing problems, Hawthorn Place and Beech Place were demolished, the land sold off by the council to make way for private housing nearer the Millennium now named Nordic Crescent.

From the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Sadie Dolan I was brought up in beech place, great childhood memories!! x
Etta Morrison Same Sadie great wee cul de sac..ideal for all the ball games rounders etc xx
Sadie Dolan It sure was Etta, O take me back lol xx
William Mullen some large families in bp..
Marion Anderson We were in a close in Hawthorn place , many good memories,
John Daly That’s where my Auntie Bridget lived.
Claire Rodger My family moved into hawthorn place when it was just built. My mum grew up in that street and so did we until we moved out in 1995 many mixed memories mainly happy tho x
Maggie Anderson Did you know Bill Wilson who lived in Hawthorn place ?
Claire Rodger My mum probably does. My mum’s Sheena Rodger xx
Kirstin Cassidy It’s mad seeing it like that lol xxx
Thea Borland Mcnamee I was born in my grannies front room in 1 hawthorn place in 1958 .she moved into it as a new build.her wee pal teeny smith stayed in 3 Hawthorne an lucy mcinally above her..Jessie nisbet her other pal was in centre close num 4 an auld ellen allan nxt door and upstairs mrs hampsey.Ellen’s daughter christine was in 5 an ma grannies other pal auld lizzie butchis was in 6 and jean Rodgers upstairs..and in 7 was her other friend mary later upstairs was vinci mcguire..neighbours came n went over the yrs but this was the best place i ever stayed and have many many fantastic memories from there.. all the names mentioned above moved here as new builds and were there till they passed away..proper friendly wee culdesac where everyone looked out for everyone.x
Marian Maguire Where do the get the name Nordic from? I like local names used, historical, beauty spots, etc they could have use hawthorne and beech again, slightly updated.
Betty McLean Many good memories of living in Beech Place. We had the best of neighbours living there.
Sharon Miller i lived in number 5d hawthorne place as a child Thea im sure my auntie Christines mum n her family were the next close over? i have hapoy and sad memories of my time there n wish id got a chance to go back before i was denolished…great memories of ma uncle tony taking over the wee shop from the rileys az well
Colin Duffy My mum and dad and brothers and sister all lived in beech place then when I got married I lived elm street then later on I lived in Nordic crescent happy days 👍 👍 👍
John Berry Me brought up in elm from the age of 6 till ma mid twentys had lots of gd times an bad.. wut a street lived up to the film lol nitemare
David Fox Wasn’t a bad wee street
Mary Bell I lived at hawthorn place i knew the nisbets buchis calligans we were called Murphy before that we were in Dixons rows xx
Andy Flex Cheung That’s my street.
Andy Flex Cheung Behind Elm street is my house in Jackson street!
John Berry U stayed anywere even in orr hut

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  1. my granny and granda O’Neill lived in 13 Elm street I also stayed there for a few years I have good memories of the place and people

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