Blantyre’s Alex Baird b1897


1916 Alex BairdJim Cochrane shared this family photo adding, “Alex Baird was born at Craigmuir Farm 0n 16th Dec 1897. He was my Great gran Janet Edmiston Main (Baird )s Brother. He served as a policeman and moved away from Blantyre maybe moving to the Falkirk area. This picture is from my grans collection. Maybe theres a way to find out more from the Numbers on his uniform?”

I have attached the 1901 census, which shows the family at Newhouse Road, which was the former name of the current right of way at Craigmuir. Little Alexander Baird is shown aged 3, along with Janet who was then 14 years old and noted as being born at home. Other siblings included Andrew 11, Annie 10, Christina 7, Mary 5 and little John, whom, on the day of the census on 31st march 1901, was actually only 1 day old! With them were parents Alexander Baird a 45-year old platelayer and Christina his wife, age 42.


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Jim Cochrane They never moved away ,newhouse road is the road into newhouse farm ,which is probably the address used by the census officials.for craigmuir farm

The Blantyre Project Thanks Jim. Such a shame to see these old roads lose their names. I will try to find out when it changed to becoming the right of way, rather than a fully, open road.

Bill Hunter Each recruit on joining was allocated a number in this case 2239. In this period it would be on the collar and later would be on the shoulder tabs. This number would be what he was filed under at Headquarters and all paperwork referring to him would beSee more

The Blantyre Project thanks Bill. Thats appreciated.

Bill Hunter Lanarkshire Constabulary Cap Badge

Bill Hunter's photo.


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  1. This picture is actually of my uncle Alexander Baird (1915-2006) in the Lancashire Police in about 1936. He is the eldest son of Andrew Baird mentioned in the 1901 census above.

  2. Alex Baird was my uncle my father John Bird visited Torwoodlee Larbert as a child.I am Isabel Baird now Maclean
    Much enjoying Blantyre project and J Cochran photos
    Coming 80 years remembering Marshals of Calderside
    With affection all stories of my dad’s baking true Remember clearly
    My sister Christine Burnett Baird deceased
    Thanks for bringing well loved aunties cousins back to life


    With affection with affection stories o
    d I visited T or wood Larbert as a child

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