1957 William Gardner & son, William Lightbody

1957 William Gardner & Son, William Lightbody

1957 William Gardner & Son, William Lightbody

Pictured from left to right in 1957. Blantyre men, William Gardner, William Lightbody Gardner (snr) and William L Gardner son of first left. Each of these men lived in Blantyre.

This looks like a Studio photo. Did you know the Gardner or Lightbody family? Can you tell us more about these men, who look so proud to be in this photo.


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  1. Bob Gardner Wotherspoon

    Hi Colin,
    I am one of Bob Gardner’s grandsons. He was one of your fathers brothers. It has been interesting to find out about the family history. One of Bob’s sons also William Lightbody Gardner passed away last year at the age of 86, he live in Strathaven, Lanarkshire

    1. Hi Bob,

      Lovely to hear from you.

      Sorry to hear of the passing away of William.

      I think your side may be from my grandpa’s side as my dad I am sure only had the two brothers mentioned.

      In one of the last conversations I had with my dad we talked about the Lightbody connection. He corrected my pronunciation saying it was “Laybury”. They lived at Stonefield Crescent.

      We all have very fond memories of Blantyre. Although I said Grandpa was stern (they were religious and observed strict adherence to their church) my brother reminds me that they were in fact very kind and caring people and we were well looked after. The people of Blantyre were a close community and everyone knew everyone.

      1. Bob Gardner Wotherspoon

        Hi Colin,

        Thanks for your response, much appreciated.

        From the research I have done so far on Ancestry.com I have been able to ascertain the following:

        William Gardner (born 1841) Married Janet Lightbody (born 1843) in 1868. William was originally from Cambusnethan, Wishaw and Janet from Carluke.

        They had a son William Lightbody Gardner (born in 1877) and who married Elizabeth Hastie Todd (born 1877) in 1901. They lived in 184 Auchinraith Road, High Blantyre at the time of Elizabeth’s death in 1929.

        William and Elizabeth had a number of children, including:
        William (1902–)
        Elizabeth (1904–)
        Janet (1906–)
        David (1907–)
        Thomas (1909–)
        Robert Todd (1910–1974) – My Grandfather

        I’m not sure if this ties in with any of your records or understanding. I also know that William Lightbody Gardner was listed as a Baker.

        Hope this helps and I would be interested in hearing of any other information you have.

        Kind regards

  2. William Gardner (first left) is my grandfather, who I remember very well although he died when I was little. He was austere but kind. William on the right “Willy” is my uncle – I never met him or his family but they emigrated to the USA and I believe he was a test driver for an American car manufacturer. Missing in the photo are two other younger sons, David (my father, a baker) and Archibald “Archie”, both no longer alive. I think there was also a daughter but we were not a very close family and I rarely met them. I never met my great grandfather but I remember my dad telling me that there was a Lightbody connection. I have very fond memories of Blantyre as a child. I am the youngest of David’s five sons – all thankfully still alive. Thank you to whoever posted the photo!

    1. Hello Colin, my name is Jean Bartley my maiden name was Gardner. I am the daughter of William L. and Jean Gardner who emigrated to the USA. My parents came here when my oldest brother Samuel was a year old in 1952. My daughter saw this site and sent me the link so I could hopefully reconnect with some of my family over in Scotland. Do you keep in touch with Uncle Archie’s family? The last time I was in Scotland with my Dad and Mom was 1987. My Dad was a test driver and trainer for General Motors Proving Grounds in Milford,MI. Milford Michigan was the town we were raised in.My Dad passed away in July of 2011 at the age of 84. My Mom Jean(maiden name Aitkenhead) passed away the next year in September 2012. I have two brothers Samuel William Gardner (71)and William Lightbody Gardner (69). We had a sister who died when she was 11, in 1975. Her name was Cindy Mary Gardner. Mary was after our Grandmother Mary Gardner. I hope we can reconnect.

      1. Hello, Jean. Wonderful to hear from you. Rosalind Clarke, Archie’s daughter, is in touch with Kevin and on Facebook. She lives in Hamilton. We haven’t had contact with Kenneth for many years. Although our dad was not a very close father to us we knew how proud he was of his brother as he mentioned him frequently and I remember also the dark shadow the passing of Cindy cast over the family. Sadly, two of our brothers, Trevor (62) and Ian (58) passed away recently. I’m actually here (Canterbury) at the moment with Kevin, who’s also on Facebook (Kevin Gardner, Portsmouth). And our other brother, Malcolm, went back home yesterday. It would be lovely to reconnect and also Kevin would like to know more about our grandmother as although she was alive when he was born in 1956 she passed away before he met her. If you message Kevin on Facebook we can share contact details.

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