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  1. Yes, upstairs had Dormer Windows!!

  2. It is definitely 100% not Back Priestfield Farm or the Farm next Door. Wish there was more to the Picture? Back Priestfield Farm was White with Red Windows and the Farm Buildings were white with Black finishings, the big giveaway is the upstairs Windows!

  3. And it isn’t Back Priestfield farm house either . I have pictures and video of the farm.

    1. Any chance you could send me the Pictures and Video of Back Priestfield Farm, my Grandparents(Hugh & Isobella Smith)bought it in the late 50’s and lived there till just before it was demolished, have no Pictures.How do you have Pictures and Video?

  4. Sorry but that is not Priestfield Farmhouse in the background!

    1. Are you certain of that Allison? This picture is well documented as being Priestfield. If its not Priestfield Farmhouse it is Back Priestfield. All the men live in the area immediate to Priestfield. Perhaps the buildings changed since 1891 by comparison to the time you knew?

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