Ruins on Dechmont Hill

1859 Dechmont hill ruinsI’ve uncovered on this old 1859 document, a long forgotten account of Buildings that once sat on top of Dechmont Hill.

The account was written in 1859 and in that context states “On the summit of Dechmont Hill there are still some faint trace of Ancient Buildings. The ruins of these buildings were considerable about fifty years ago (1809) From Cambuslang New Statistical Account ‘No traces of these remains are to be seen now. James Park who is the oldest parishoner in Cambuslang remembers seeing about 30 years ago (1829) the foundation of a Circular Building on the summit, exactly where the ring pole is erected. This foundation was between 30 and 40 links in diameter as well dechmontas can be remembered. It is supposed to have been a tower used for making signals by fires, with Drumsaggard Castle and other fortifications in the surrounding district. The stones of the foundation were freestone , and resembled the ordinary building stone in size.”

Looking at photos of Dechmont Hill, it certainly was a great vantage point and i can well imagine it being chosen for some sort of fortification over the years.

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  1. Hi don’t recognise the photo with new houses is that the back of Dechmont hill enjoy reading your articles about Blantyre and Halfway where I was brought up thank you

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