1912 Blantyre Station

I’m not a great fan of artificially colourised postcards, but sometimes they are done quite well and worth showing. This certainly is one of the better ones. I’ve scanned it in a fairly good resolution.

Pictured in 1912, is Blantyre Station looking down the line towards Glasgow. These buildings are all now demolished, but the road bridge in the background remains.


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David Downie It still looked like that in the 50’s when my family used iot to go places.
Archie Peat Not quite like that David , note that it has a single track in 1912 , by the 50s it had acquired a double track !!!
David Bates Looks like a double track on the postcard Archie, you just can’t see the outer rails of each line due to shadoes/platform.
The Blantyre Project to clarify, David is correct. Blantyre always has had a double line in either direction. The postcard does look like an illusion, with the platform hiding one of the edges of the rails.

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  1. Wilma and her parents lived next door to my sister Alice. Perfect neighbours and a lovely family. I remember Wilma from Calder Street school.
    Chatted with her parents a few times over the fence on some of my trips. 1982 when I was back for the Junior Cup final, which of course, the ‘VICS won! A bit more than a chat, more like a blether!

  2. I am in touch with Hughina now and again via e mail, I met up with Hughina a few years ago for lunch at the Avonbridge in Hamilton during one of my trips. A lovely lady.
    She has 2 sons who share my passion in football.

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